When you enter my showroom, you step over an inscprition running on the floor like a ribbon over the threshold which reads," Home is where your story begins."
I put it there, so that people HAD to see it when they stepped into my space....it was a guidline for them... a notice that they were walking into MY story.But I also put it there as both reminder and challenge; a challenge to be aware that they had their own story too, and that their spaces were story board that was their history, their present, their past and a psychological blue print.
I have friend whose 'home' fascinates me.I would love to do an interview with him, because his place is a space to eat and sleep in.... their is no blueprint, except to see that his life is outside those walls ... his life is his work. I have another friend who lives off of the generosity of others... he hasn't had a place of his own for a couple of years, maybe more- and lives like a gypsy contributing for expenses, but with nothing of his own except his suitcase... sort of a luxury homeless. It made me upset when he told me how he chose to live like that."But how do you regroup? When do you really relax, and feel safe and protected? When are you really at rest?"
I think of people in cases of poverty... where home is just shelter- cardboard or a leafy bush, or the doorway of a building for the night... and how DIFFERENT it is for me.
I create things, and things for spaces that people live in and inhabit.... that have stuff. And their stuff means a lot to them. And thieir stuff says a lot about them. A LOT.
What they like, how well off they are, where they've been, even things like, if they are artistic, kind, generous, freindly, organized, messy, thoughtful. It's why we walk into a person's home with the gaze of the voyeur... what will we know that we didn't know before... about them... about their lives and even about their soul.
In the movie, "The Soloist" we see how this homeless man is SO attached to his things, that he carts them around in a shopping cart. We see "them"... grocery bags hanging from their wrists as they walk from place to place and we see them carrying glossy shopping bags to take 'home' where they will put things way... in their 'place.'
And what do we all have in common? Whether we live in a mansion, the back of an eighteen wheeler, out of a suitcase or under a door lintel? What we each have in common is a history and a story that is unique and not so unique... that is who we are and how we got where we are... an accident of birth and circumstance, luck and fortune, drive and determination or loss and pain...we've all been ther, and "Home" in your head, heart or space... is where your story begins.
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