I don't think that there has been a more difficult time to be a designer starting a business, or an entrepeneur following their dreams and passion. It is the middle of the WORST recession in history ( some say the end, but those experts to whom I have access say it will be another two years, and my senses believe the same.) How can you step back and play it safe when it's everything you believe you should be doing with all your heart and soul?
Everything I create is covered with iconography...leaves, berries, rope, appear on my furniture designs, my jewelry and my clothing designs.I was, and am surprised to see how these themes consistently weave themselves into the stories and values that I put out into the universe. I'll look at a jacket I've done and the trim is the garland of leaves weaving its way down the face of the jacket, and I'll say to myself.."Oh...of course. How could I have not bought that trim...it's a garland of laurel leaves... and those leaves represent loyalty, triumph and success to me... so out of 50,000 trims I could have chosen...I liked that one. Duh" Or I'll look at a piece of furniture I've done... and the front of the screen is covered with tacks , forming arabesques and points... and I'll think..."Those look sort of like the granulation that ornaments the Deja ring ....and the granulation represents fruitful endeavor... so- of course I would be drawn to tacks and studs on the furniture, because they sort of simulate the granulation on the jewelry and subliminally... they are telling the same story... which is to fight and struggle, and struggle  some more... and maybe perpetually struggle for what you believe in.  

Because I do believe that at the end of it all, it is those who persevere that will succeed. And I have to believe it, or I wouldn't preach it, I couldn't preach it, because I believe that telling the truth -that a life lived with honour and integrity, a life where you respect others and treat them as you would like to be treated is going to make the world a better place; for us, and for those we leave behind.

So on this overcast day in Tucson ( which is rare)I find myself looking inward at what I am doing, and why...and it is good. It's all good because it comes from my heart. I might stumble a bit, and am probably my harshest critic when I do... and in spite of that- it's good.