WHO are these guys?

Soo... as I enter year two of the dating scene... never really having 'dated' before since I married young and took a couple of years since the divorce to get my feet under me... I am constantly AMAZED by some men's skewed sense of reality... how they arrive at their misperceptions truly baffles me.
I have come to accept that I am fortunate to have choices... men seem to be eager to meet and interact with me. Following that though..... their expectations are sometimes a bit crazy!
I was introduced to an older man ( and I mean OLDER...in his eighties with replaced knees and arthritis) last night... a cultured, travelled gentleman that I thought would be a nice neighbour to hang out with. He took my casual invitation to meet up while we were both in New York in December to be an time exclusive committment to get better acquainted.'wink,wink'.. HOW THE H.... did he come to that conclusion from..." I'll be there at the same time, I would like to introduce you to a couple of my friends"...??!!!!
Then there was the date last week, who assumed we were an item , introducing me as his partner, when we had only just met.He got ditched in a nano second as I avoided him peeing on my leg.
Another incident was the man whom I met for drinks...who proceeded to tell me that living on the other side of town was going to be an inconvenience  as I was now in a relationship with him... this was after meeting him for the first time with no intermediary conversations and a five minute acquaintance....and he wasn't joking. I thanked him for the drink, and left. Is this tactic called, "Assuming the sale?"
AND the list goes on... some more offensive then others... some truly scary,  and a very few that are charming.The truth is... people really have NO idea what the dating world reality is like for an attractive woman who is open and honest... and a little inexperienced.