Day 5 ( yesterday) time to breathe, eat, or sleep. OK...breathing taken care of by body in auto pilot, eat = a cup of oatmeal, two cups of tea all day,half a salad, water and dinner was some leftovers from the other nights roast dinner.

Packing, picking up, last minute deliveries, jewelry photo shoot so the images of the new pieces can go up on the website before the show, delegation meetings, things, marketing that I'll take with me...sooooo much STUFF.

The dressmaker finally came with my coat at 11:30 pm, and sat on my sofa to sew on the snaps I had at my office(I have a collection of vintage buttons, trims and laces that I use for my fashion designs) She left at 12:15....then finally I could wash up and go to bed. I got up twice in the night because I would remember things( in my dreams:) that I had forgotten to pack.

Leaving shortly for the airport.. and then Paris bound via Chicago with too much STUFF.

Paris and Paris Fashion week are a few hours away.