Saturday....some relief from the "go, go, go" of last week, but all the catch up of the weekend as well.SOOO grateful that I have a weekend in between the work week and when I leave.

Call at 7 am that they are shipping my customs docs Fedex so that I'll have then Monday before I leave.

I'm a much more maintenance than you guys! Hair, nails, cleaners, shoe repair, overseas sim card for my laptop...unlock my phone for overseas today. Some things that I need to buy...I really hate shopping for anything in Tucson..or anywhere. Believe it or not( because everyone think that all females are born to shop) if it could be delivered instantly... I would do it all on the internet.

Lunch with a good friend. He gave me a silver lucky wishbone for my trip.SOOO sweet of him. He used to be head of marketing for Ralph Lauren in NY for 8 years and now has an art gallery and lives in Tucson. We do get a lot of personalities like that here. Others that I know were with Vogue for years, Elle, had their own clothing company and worked with Donna Karan have a business in NY and go back and forth, was a great jewelry designer in NY and now is a great artist in Tucson; and a couple of others who have an apartment in NY and go back and forth, homes all over, and Tucson is where they spend a lot of the winter. Tucson is great for that -getting life in perspective. I am soo busy here, if I were going 24/7 as life is in the major cities demands- I think that I would burn out too. SO many people come here to get their heads together... and then they check out of their old lives and stay. I think that it is the starkness of the landscape that makes you look's just you... and you have to look at..."you". Inside and out.

That took all day. A light dinner and then I like to run at night...under the moon and went for a run today instead of going to the gym. Started organizing my clothes for the trip. I'm a designer and I represent myself AND my brand ... and I am my best PR that is a lot of fun for me...composing the wardrobe compositions

I am not exagerating when I say that it is almost daily, that people walk into my store , meet me, and the first reaction is" What are YOU doing here?" "You should be in ....NY, LA, Paris, London...your store should be there ." At first I would get so upset. It isn't the most uplifting thing to hear constantly that you are in the wrong place, and to have to justify your choices and actions to every Tom, Dick and Harry.Then I came to the conclusion....if it is sooo evident, that I , and what I do are world class....then I am doing it right... and it is working, and I have built a world class brand , here, in Tucson - in 5 years.

Which is why I'm flying to Paris on Tuesday, and was included to show at Paris Fashion Week 2010!