I’ve been collecting Mahlia for many years now. Some of the pieces I wear have almost become matter of fact… I wear this ring and these three bracelets almost daily. Two were gifts to me, the string bracelet and the ring, but the leather bracelet and the skulls I think truly fulfill the destiny and intent of Mahlia Collection. I gave the leather bracelet to my brother years ago and ware it to feel connected. The same is true of the skulls, but they hold even deeper meaning to me. My brother and I don’t share a father… to me the two skulls represent us and the one in the middle represents the thing we have in common, our mother. The surrounding skulls represent the world we live in. There is overt symbolism in Mahlia Collection jewelry, but also spirituality… something you don’t find at the department store. Something important to the most discerning individuals who seek truly unique representations of themselves. For me the fact that these pieces are handcrafted and produced on a small scale is vital to their significance. Our options and opportunities to acquire this type of craftsmanship and artistry seem to be shrinking, to that point Mahlia Collection is an inspiration. Oh, and I do happen to have a piece of couture… that story is even better.