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MAHLIA COLLECTION IS STEPPING OUT TO ENDORSE AND SUPPORT KEY ORGANIZATIONS important TO OUR Human and environmental health. We've committed 50 percent of our revenue, earned here, through you, to support the cause of your choice. WE CAN HELP THESE CAUSES... by transforming your gifts into unified and powerful talismans of change.

For every purchase made at Mahlia Collection from now until December 31st, we will donate 50% of the sale price to a charity of your choice from the list below.

For every message we receive that is a long term commitment to one of these organizations, the 50% consideration will apply for all future purchases in your name.

Please Choose One of the Charities Below During Checkout on

Find out more about these organizations by clicking the links below:

Ocean Conservancy


Environmental Defense Fund*

"On behalf of the entire staff at Environmental Defense Fund and our 1.5 million members, I would like to thank Konstantina Mahlia for offering to donate half of her sales to support our efforts to fight for environmental protections. These funds are all the more important given the tough battles that lie ahead in the Trump administration."


Sierra Club

"Thank you again so very much for including us as one of your beneficiaries! We greatly appreciate your support of the Sierra Club and the other causes you've selected. Thank you for truly making the world a better place."

Mackenzie Cane
Associate Director of Business Partnerships
Sierra Club

Equality Arizona

Planned Parenthood

Sea Turtle Conservancy

*Mahlia Collection is not affiliated in any manner with the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) or any of its programs, projects or websites.

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