The Mahlia Manifesto

I believe in courage. I believe in loyalty. I believe in hard work and reward for hard work. I believe in love, beauty, loyalty, courage, determination and how those inspirational and intangible things can inspire us to go farther, fight harder, reach for the unreachable and make those things real. Mahlia is actually not about things; it is about where the good things come from, which is heart and soul.

When we began to wear talismans to adorn our bodies, that was what jewelry represented. Jewelry did not begin as a status symbol; it symbolized a code of honor and a belonging, a tribal talisman formed by gold and jewels to speak of deeply held beliefs and people who believed what we believed. It was an easy marker to identify where we belonged and the people we belonged with. 

My jewelry is taking a belief system, which is a profound and unshakable belief in our capacity to be good, loyal, faithful, kind, courageous, loving and true human beings, and making that trust and faith into a tangible and beautiful thing that will touch people and represent them well. This is jewelry for those that believe; for those that believe in being the best of the best, because every day we get to choose and every day it is our gift to get to choose. 

And that which we choose - we... get to pass on.