I’ve been collecting Mahlia for many years now. Some of the pieces I wear have almost become matter of fact… I wear this ring and these three bracelets almost daily. Two were gifts to me, the string bracelet and the ring, but the leather bracelet and the skulls I think truly fulfill the destiny and intent of Mahlia Collection. I gave the leather bracelet to my brother years ago and ware it to feel connected. The same is true of the skulls, but they hold even deeper meaning to me. My brother and I don’t share a father… to me the two skulls represent us and the one in the middle represents the thing we have in common, our mother. The surrounding skulls represent the world we live in. There is overt symbolism in Mahlia Collection jewelry, but also spirituality… something you don’t find at the department store. Something important to the most discerning individuals who seek truly unique representations of themselves. For me the fact that these pieces are handcrafted and produced on a small scale is vital to their significance. Our options and opportunities to acquire this type of craftsmanship and artistry seem to be shrinking, to that point Mahlia Collection is an inspiration. Oh, and I do happen to have a piece of couture… that story is even better.

One of the most beautiful and meaningful pieces of jewelry we have ever purchased was a men’s sterling silver necklace with a celtic cross pendant.   Given as a gift, the necklace symbolizes the characteristics embodied in the recipient – masculine strength, quality, harmony, and beauty.  Over the years, the necklace has become a cherished heirloom, a conversation, an admiration for recipient and giver – representing an everlasting bond. 


My husband and I absolutely love our rings. Mahlia Collection was so wonderful to work with and helped us get exactly what we pictured. The quality and craftsmanship is top notch and I wouldn't want anything less for a symbol of eternal love. Almost 2 years later and I still catch myself staring at them. Simply Beautiful.

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Laura from Valparaiso, Indiana

"I purchased a bracelet from THE SILK ROAD Collection.  I love the rich colors of the Tibetan beads and playful tassels. It is fun to wear and my personal reminder to be present throughout the day."

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Daniel from Marshall, Virginia

I’m outing my partner Shawn for not being the most romantic person ever. Don’t be mad babe. I’m about to prove myself wrong anyway…

I’d been spying on this Mahlia Collection ring for awhile, they don’t often have couture pieces for men, well that a man could pull off…

Anyway, I was that kid that always played with my grandmother’s jewelry and sometimes I like to browse the website just because it’s so beautiful. So there is this ring, the Daedalus ring, and it features the Minotaur. A dual character from greek mythology, often misunderstood… really a very poignant story and my sign is Sagittarius, also duel… and I feel misunderstood… lol. Oh, and it’s carved in German bloodstone and I have German heritage. Anyway, so it means something to me. I was considering buying it for myself, but this would be a significant investment for me, but I’m a little obsessed with it and to explain more of the story - my grandfather had a ring, basically a part of his hand, he always wore it. Beautiful Indian star sapphire, sky blue, perfect… that he picked up during World War II, and I always admired that ring and how it was a part of his character… As I grew up it was always in the back of my mind, finding “The” ring. When he passed, my grandmother took it off his finger and put it on my uncles, as she should have. Now, i’m the oldest grandchild by eleven years and my grandfather died young, but again, as it should be, the ring went from my uncle to his son. I was only a little jealous because although for my cousin that ring was about his Dad he didn’t have the kind of relationship I did with my grandfather because he was too young… but for me that ring was and is about my grandfather. Life goes on… back to the Daedalus… Now you understand a little more why having it became so significant. Anyway, in the end I felt that the better lesson for me was to not purchase it and spend that money more responsibly, but then a couple months later I came out of our bedroom to spy a box sitting on an end table in the living room, a box I recognized very well… I couldn’t even open it. I was too upset. I knew exactly what it was and was in disbelief… Maybe Shawn is more romantic than I give him credit for… SO, now it’s mine and it is admired by everyone who sees me wear it. If i have it on I get questions… every time. I have my ring. And that, if you were wondering, is the significance of Mahlia Collection jewelry.


I think the most important reason I am intrigued with the Mahlia Jewelry collection is the symbolism that is created with each piece.  Not only is each production a fine piece of art and workmanship, but the essence of symbolism that surrounds every creation is the element of communication between art and legacy.


     Since the dawn of time, early man has always taken measures to adorn oneself, whether it was stringing bones or rocks together or using pigments to paint our faces or hennas to enhance hair color or outline our eyes like the ancient Egyptians.  Basically, it is human nature to want to adorn our bodies or attract attention to oneself.

     When picking jewelry, especially for a man, I look for art that's symbolic of who and what I am and what I represent.  I can always find inspiration in Mahlia art.  When I choose a piece from the Mahlia collection I want to know that I am creating a family legacy that I can pass down to another generation.  Not just who is next in line, but who will best carry on a tradition or legacy of appreciation and representation of a particular cherished piece. My recipient can be both family or close friend.

     I do not bestow an abundance of jewelry.  Instead, I carefully choose a few pieces that best represent me, my life, my struggles and accomplishments; but most impertinently, what I hold to my utmost esteem.  Then, I choose a piece from the Mahlia collection that captures that vision of myself.  That becomes my art and my legacy, and I wear it with extreme pride.

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