Mahlia Collection is here to present a business directly connected to the consumer and without intermediaries to compromise the story and voice. We do everything in house except for the actual jewelry production, which is with trusted to fine artists in Canada, Thailand, France and a Tibetan diaspora in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Our partners are trustworthy and we choose them for their incredible skills, training and expertise. We've established relationships with them based on mutual trust and respect. Konstantina visits them and communicates with them throughout the production cycle. Our artists represent the last of their kind and their talents bring the designs of Mahlia Collection to life. It is Konstantina’s commitment to mutual ethical and artisanal standards in order to continue a legacy of beautiful, hand made jewelry, produced in artisanal workshops that pay homage to her personal, ancient legacy of fine jewelry, born in ancient Greece, and shared throughout the ancient world thousands of years ago.

Mahlia produces each piece of jewelry on demand; there aren’t bins and stockpiles of jewelry to be shipped - each piece is individually crafted when it is ordered to the Mahlia standards and the customer’s specifications and satisfaction.