Konstantina Dimitra

Born in Vancouver, B.C.
Greek culture at home and Anglo/Canadian culture outside of the home. This old culture married to a young culture began a fusion and synthesis of old and new that would be formative and a constant.

Heritage, culture, tradition, rules, obedience, curiosity, perceptiveness, intuition, creativity, kindness, consideration and a clear, unswayed view defined Konstantina. She was a chosen leader amongst her peers throughout her scholastic years. A love of art, reading, writing, drama, debate and a defense of the defenseless and unchosen, were manifest in this strong but feminine person from a very young age.

The multicultural and tolerant envelope where she grew up would be incredibly formative to her passion for language and communication; instrumental in fomenting her dedication and belief in a genderless, ageless, classless, egalitarian, kind and tolerant world and society.

Symbolism spoke of many things in a pictoral lexicon that needed no translation. Art needs no translation. Religion bred inclusion and exclusion. Education was fundamental to tolerance.Travel was intrinsic to tolerance and understanding .These values and perceptions would permeate every single creation that became manifest from Konstantina in word, action, space and object.