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I have always believed that we have a choice to do something for a better good. We can choose to doing something with far reaching consequence or just look out for ourselves. Of course there is a middle ground but the two extremes seem to be what prevail - philanthropy or to be self-service.

I have had the privilege to work with some amazing retailers, some of the best in the world. To be the best is an investment. The design of the stores the personnel, marketing, traveling the world to find the best of the best to offer the discerning and to strive and provide an assortment within an amazing envelope all come at a cost to enhance the consumer experience. These retailers have shown themselves to be very generous in their contributions to the society within which they live. As they should be. We are all trying to be more aware, involved and proactive in doing our best for a number of social issues that are local , national and global as well as environmental issues that will have consequences for generations to come. It is also about creating a greater consciousness, that all are all complicit in the outcome of the society and world we live in.

I have decided that I can do more. My website is not the mainstay of my company yet but it has an important role to play, therefore, I have decided that I can do more while simultaneously respecting the investment and support of the retailers who represent me. I have decided to give my share to some wonderful institutions doing some fantastic work for all of us as a national and global society. So Mahlia Collection will give 50% of the retail price of her online assortment to the charity of choice listed as of today through December 31- the end of the not so great year of 2016.

I have always dreamt of creating a company and brand that did more than follow the stars quo. this is the busiest time of the retail market season, so what better time to give back to those that need the helping hand? 

Konstantina Mahlia
Tucson, Arizona
November 17th, 2016 

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