I think the most important reason I am intrigued with the Mahlia Jewelry collection is the symbolism that is created with each piece.  Not only is each production a fine piece of art and workmanship, but the essence of symbolism that surrounds every creation is the element of communication between art and legacy.


     Since the dawn of time, early man has always taken measures to adorn oneself, whether it was stringing bones or rocks together or using pigments to paint our faces or hennas to enhance hair color or outline our eyes like the ancient Egyptians.  Basically, it is human nature to want to adorn our bodies or attract attention to oneself.

     When picking jewelry, especially for a man, I look for art that's symbolic of who and what I am and what I represent.  I can always find inspiration in Mahlia art.  When I choose a piece from the Mahlia collection I want to know that I am creating a family legacy that I can pass down to another generation.  Not just who is next in line, but who will best carry on a tradition or legacy of appreciation and representation of a particular cherished piece. My recipient can be both family or close friend.

     I do not bestow an abundance of jewelry.  Instead, I carefully choose a few pieces that best represent me, my life, my struggles and accomplishments; but most impertinently, what I hold to my utmost esteem.  Then, I choose a piece from the Mahlia collection that captures that vision of myself.  That becomes my art and my legacy, and I wear it with extreme pride.

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