The Language of Mahlia Collection

There is a thread that weaves itself throughout Konstantina's work... visible and constant, and that is the language of symbolism; a personal and heartfelt value system of subliminal storytelling to empower and enrich those that carry it forward. 

The laurel leaves are an obvious detail on the jewelry, but look closely and they reappear as the weft in the fabric of a dress, the carving on an armoire, the embroidery on a jacket. The granulation which symbolizes fruitful endeavor; success in life... appears like a porcupine quills on a cufflink, lace on a gold pendant,the detail on the edge of an ottoman, the caps of a glass table top and the round rhinestones on a blouse.

The skull, the angel, the eye, flowers, keys, lion, swords, ropes, cross, bees, mirrors... all of these are the language of symbolism.. a pictoral lexicon that has almost been lost to us that transcends cultures, continents and generations and which originated in the subconscious to find expression in our human art and creations. This language is without boundaries and needs no translation... it is for all people to share and communicate; a common value system that is rooted`only in good. Artifacts become talismans and the talismans reminders that we have choice, and to choose that which is good.

The symbolism embedded in Mahlia Collection is no less than a collective voice going out to the universe. It is`meant to inspire, give comfort and to lend clarity and inspiration.