Sunday...should be a lazy Sunday started out well...Tucson weather in late September...what can I say...sunbathing suits my mediterranean roots well.
There just was a lot of visiting...dinner for everyone ( made mustard encrusted pork loin with tomato infused risotto and braised spinach. I love all of that but ended up getting to my things and staring to pack at 10 pm and going to bed until one am.Up today at 6.
Had a conversation with a good friend of mine, a very talented shoe designer-( in my opinion he blows Manolo away) who started his AMAZING press and then had his backers pull his funding. Heartbreaking...and the name of the game in the fashion industry.It happens all the time.
I look at that situation and am so glad that I did it my way. No one calls the shots except me. No one "OWNS" me.No one is my 'puppet meister'. And when I do need some support, I can hold my own and say this worked my way, and that is part of what you are buying so, "Respect the vision."
Pretty tired right now...not enough sleep even for me... and some of the things coming in from production didn't make it in and need to be overnighted to Paris now.Some of my clothes aren't ready either- so you just have to go with the flow. It will all work out.
One more day...and the PARIS:))

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