Today was the challenge.Into the home stretch.Both exhausting and exciting. Clients, family, friends banks, business... final jewelry designs, marketing materials... etc. etc. We are down to the wire. I leave Tuesday and it's Friday. A lot of things HAVE to be done today...or we're out of time.
I am so spatial/visual...I can see things exactly; in my mind as they will be. And I see it quickly.I depend upon others to execute my designs and concepts into tangible creations or actions. That delegation isn't takes communication in many forms that are verbal, visual, tangible and interpretive.I am talking, sketching, talking and oh...talking...a lot. Thank god I have good verbal skills as well;)

Tucson makes a lot of the logistics easier. I can get anywhere I need to go in half an hour. And I'm so spoilt that half an hour seems too much. L.A. or N.Y. traffic kills me. I gauge my agenda by distance when I'm those cities... which is soooo inaccurate. I forget about getting through people and traffic.I don't need a coat when I run out the door here, or an umbrella. A sundress and sandals is about as quick as it can get to be dressed and out the door. No socks shoes, belts, coats; easy, breezy... and gone! It's also pretty much always sunny in Tucson. I grew up in Vancouver.I REALLY know the hang-ups that weather can bring. Here... there are no meteorlogical hang-ups pretty much ever. Tucson is where I am to produce what I need to get done. I can fit in more to my agenda than anywhere else because of logistics. And I knew this, and planned on that when I started out. I had limited resources and only one of me, so I needed to be as efficient as possible. I didn't, and don't have time to be in traffic for two hours a day, or to waste an hour back and forth to an appointment.

The sterling line (which I'm taking to show in Paris) is produced in Latvia. The logistics of getting my designs and materials to them, and back to me in Tucson in time to leave.. are challenging. But when that package comes in the mail, and I open it -it's the biggest gift to see in my hand...something that was born in my mind a few weeks ago. It is ALWAYS a kick. Always.

So today was ....just getting things done so that I can get on a the plane on Tuesday and focus on making my show - the best it can be.

It's 8 pm, and the dressmaker will be here at 9 for a final fitting for the things I have designed to take to Paris. It's Fashion PARIS... so you can imagine how much fun I'm having making my wardrobe for this trip! I'm such a girl...I'm going dress -up crazy:) and everything will be Mahlia Collection.... of course.
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